COVID-19 More thoughts on corona virus protection, Gym exercise ab workouts -

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COVID-19 More thoughts on corona virus protection, Gym exercise ab workouts -

COVID-19 Extra ideas on corona virus safety

This one is the second in a sequence on issues that HVAC can do to assist forestall the switch of corona virus 19 in eating places.
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COVID-19 More thoughts on corona virus protection, Gym exercise ab workouts -


  1. jonathan gostkowski September 28, 2020

    Honestly, I’m with ya! I’m very surprised the HVAC industry hasn’t been really looked to in aid to help reopening the country and stopping the spread of the virus. That and also so many commercial buildings (at least around me) mostly have HVAC equipment that’s more then enough for the space. So I feel like Using economizers just to bring in fresh air and increase the air exchange cycles of the dwelling, and taking advantage of UV technology could help a lot (along with many other things).

  2. Fact Checker September 28, 2020

    Yep MERV13 filters and UV sanitizer light in the return is likely your best option.
    Ozone is also very good at killing viruses but breathing large amounts of ozone may also cause heath problems.
    I built a mask sanitizer for a local clinic using a ozone generator and it works great and reaches parts of the masks that UV lamps couldn't but again it isn't safe to breath the ozone on a regular basis

  3. Mohammad Ali September 28, 2020

    We have been using something called an ozone machine for couple years. It is portable machine. We use it to remove odor, but I think it will kill the virus too. It has a UV light. But our machine I dont think will able to handle big area. We wanted to use it, but I read on EPA website about an ozone machine will damage your lung if you stay in the room that has an ozone machine for long priod of time. So, we ignore the idea.

  4. Mac M. September 28, 2020

    I get the sense some HVAC is going to be turned on its head from this. Time to brush up on the old computational fluid dynamics 👍

  5. HVAC Overtime September 28, 2020

    By any chance are you free Friday at 8 pm central? Would love to have you on the live show. A lot of viewers would love to call in and ask you questions.

  6. t lech September 28, 2020

    The problem is the distance for the strength of the UV light every time you double the distance after a few inches the power of the light is 10 times weaker becoming ineffective. It’s an exponential power factor. The amount of lights and a high wattage kind you’re talking about to do what you wanted to do would be unimaginable and definitely not no human being would be able to be in the same room

  7. buzzsah September 28, 2020

    I think I mentioned my doctor and I bought the unit that installs into the duet work above the plenum, After watching your video I added a second and wired them into the low, and mid-speed side of the 3-speed blower, then set it so we can control the 1, 2, or full speed. We normally run at 2= mid-speed, not sure what the exchange is or if its even working 🙂 but peace of mind helps. Keep the vids coming

  8. JK Brown September 28, 2020

    This product, Vitashield, is along these lines as a standalone light fixture/fan set up. Along its lines, a dropdown over the ceiling return could be fitted with UV lights to expose the air over a wide surface before the air being taken up into the return. Or simply use the Vitashield devices. It's just an intake, UV light chamber and exhaust.

  9. Kelly Anderson September 28, 2020

    Again as your last upload, such a great topic and interesting to hear yours and everyone's ideas in this!

    Just throwing this out there and not to be the Debbie Downer on UV as it certainly has its place. I personally am not real fond of UV based on what bit I know of them.. but that's not to say your not into a viable method that's been around for long time to aid in killing germs.

    First off I just haven't read any studies yet on whether UV can kill COVID-19. Not to say it can't.. cause we know UV in natural radiation or artificial can and does kill many forms of bacteria. Also from what I've read over the years.. and I do say over the years as I've been in HVAC for over 20 now.. not that that makes me an expert in this feild.. but most if not all what's is claimed regarding the effectiveness of UV light filteration is what is claimed by the manufacturers selling them vs any 3rd party. So the effectiveness in killing airborne bacteria guess is debatable, but more importantly needs to be thoroughly studied by some reputable source vs manufacturer claims.

    I would also point out too that with UV get the product of Ozone gas (which is what to my knowledge is actually killing the bacteria). This ozone gas needs to be in an extremely high concentration to be very effective. Some surgical equipment is stored or sterilized in machines that seal up and hold this ozone within it to keep the concentration high enough to be effective at killing any bacteria. The high concentration level to be effective is dangerous for humans and pets to breathe. It's hard on people with respiratory issues and asthma. For this reason and the fact there is no real 3rd party studies showing any effectiveness of UV as well as the byproduct of ozone I have not been an advocate for UV in a residential setting.

    I think too that you kinda hit the nail on the head when you mention part why they may not be as effective is the air flow rate across them being to high. That is I'm sure extremely true! And back to what I was mentioning above is that the concentration needs to be extremely high for the system to be most effective.

    This brings me to my last point. I'm not very in for of these in a residential setting as I said above. However in a large commercial setting such as in the hospital I work in as well we are always drawing in outside fresh air/makeup air. Sometimes more and sometimes less depending on how much the system is economizing. Therefore we are constantly exchanging air within the building and outside at some rate. Whatever amount of ozone is being produced by our UV light filteration is always being diluted by outside air. This is something that most typical homes do not have unless they leave exhaust fans on or have air exchangers running all the time. Certainly many newer construction homes on the more recent building codes within the last 20 years or so are needing to maintain air exchange. Whether that rate is sufficient to maintain safe ozone levels in the home we dont know cause theres no studies on the subject. None that I've seen anyway.

    But this topic definitely has the gears turning in my head! Looking forward to more responses and any more videos on this subject!

  10. volkrt September 28, 2020

    xlnt explanation GFM, thanks for sharing… hopefully one of us techs here can share a similar device that someone has used in the past.. I haven't run across it yet on my service calls but am getting more and more questions from customers about how they can protect themselves and there customers more

  11. Mr Krasker September 28, 2020

    A study was done on chickens to determine the effect of negative air ion enrichment on airborne transmission of the Roakin strain of Newcastle disease virus. The study showed up to a 27% reduction in transmission from the infected chickens to uninfected chickens. Perhaps a combination of UV and negative ionization could be used. The equipment is off the shelf and could be implemented rather easily. Here is a link to the paper by the National Center for Biotechnology Information,

  12. Luke Mcaluker September 28, 2020

    This seems like a pretty efficient way to slow down the spread of the virus.

  13. Jason Chen September 28, 2020

    How about Merv 13+ filters? Are they bad for the furnace? UV lights should be effective. But some wiring must be made to link the switch of UV light to the start of the blower. I think UV lights last about 1K to 2K hours.

  14. kmg501 September 28, 2020

    I stopped wearing a mask weeks ago and go out daily, I live in NYC BTW. The big key to this thing is not being vitamin D deficient. C and Zinc are also useful and should also be part of a daily regime.

  15. Benjamin Karazi September 28, 2020

    Do you know what a VIRUS and an EXOSOME are…?!

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