COVID-19 Trump keeps predicting coronavirus death tolls the U.S. then surpasses, Gym exercise ab workouts -

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COVID-19 Trump keeps predicting coronavirus death tolls the U.S. then surpasses, Gym exercise ab workouts -

COVID-19 Trump retains predicting coronavirus demise tolls the U.S. then surpasses

The Publish examines what President Trump predicted in contrast with what’s now identified in regards to the demise toll. Learn extra: SPECIAL OFFER: To thanks in your assist, right here’s a deal on a Washington Publish digital subscription: $29 for one 12 months

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COVID-19 Trump keeps predicting coronavirus death tolls the U.S. then surpasses, Gym exercise ab workouts -


  1. Fan Yang September 30, 2020

    What's today's toll 9/20/2020? 200K that's right!

  2. ebttt September 30, 2020

    Trump Lied 200K Died

  3. Noah Baron September 30, 2020

    160K deaths later, this video is even more depressing

  4. DuderDude September 30, 2020

    Need to update this. 150k dead

  5. Jonathan Torres September 30, 2020

    What are we at now? 116,000?

  6. Emelia Onichi September 30, 2020

    40 millions unemployed and going hungry and running out of saves . Second stimulus check too everyone =( help is needed.
    Everyone world wide be safe and hygienic and health and wear mask and gloves.
    Rip for those that deceased.

  7. Ultra Platinum September 30, 2020

    0:57 My B-Day

  8. synysterxP September 30, 2020

    & now 91K are dead 💀 when only about 4,600 died in China …Yet somehow ppl really want this horrible excuse of a president in office another 4 years? … 😂😂😂 If he couldn’t even get coronavirus under control, imagine how many deaths America would be taking if WW3 was really happening 🤔

  9. Paper Podium September 30, 2020

    This Fake President’ is an arrogant, ignorant, self-serving, top-end narcissist and a school yard bully …. nothing less than a ‘man child’.

    All this ‘Fake President’ has done and continues to do, is to flap his lips selling ‘snake oil’ (ie: fork tongue) to those who are gullible enough to believe his ‘lies and nonsense’ and who cannot see past his ‘fake tan’.

    Not only is he an embarrassment to himself but also to the United States. He has created much damage to the country’s credibility as representative ‘leader’. He lacks all forms of intelligence and shows no signs of grown up behaviour … a very scary and very dangerous ‘inadequate-leader’ to be in control of such a position.

    American citizens, before you are fully the total laughing stock of the world – please ensure he does not get voted back in.

  10. Stephen Marsh September 30, 2020

    Big fan of data driven reporting

  11. g k September 30, 2020

    Donald Trump Shoots 100,000 People on Fifth Avenue and His People Don't Care!

  12. M September 30, 2020

    If trump keeps up his tricks you may see 150k deaths by the end of july. They will mainly be his supporters & staff, sad to say.

  13. REAL TRUTH September 30, 2020

    2,000 a day die Plus ,they won't tell you that never have the Reg Flu killed 70k

  14. joel repp September 30, 2020


  15. Manish Mjmanish September 30, 2020


  16. Mad Machanicest September 30, 2020

    We lost more people to covid19 the Vitenom.

  17. Chathurka Madhushan September 30, 2020

    Next Year
    'Im still alive'

  18. Chathurka Madhushan September 30, 2020

    Next Year
    'Im still alive'

  19. Henree Henry September 30, 2020

    tRump would care about this pandemic if his Nit Twit kids were infected. Maybe they could inject themselves with disinfectant. “what could it hurt, try it”.

  20. cath harris September 30, 2020

    Dear Americans, the world feels sorry for you.

  21. Rustam Ansari September 30, 2020

    Donal Trump plz USA people corona virus medicine usea

  22. Gabriela Seafight September 30, 2020

    Medicare pay $13,000 for false diagnostic covid19… and pay $39,000 for intubating patients. People dies for others causes but its count for covid19 for false dara to US citizens. And that issue is occur at whole world. Sorry for my english.

  23. Infotronics September 30, 2020

    "Those who live by economy shall die by economy" GA..

  24. Hal 9000 September 30, 2020

    Should be looking at what is known and that is the amount of the population in a city, state or country. Example is 60,000 is .018% Of 330 million people.. It is known that millions more were exposed and had no symptoms. Going by the mere amount who’ve tested positive, is not going to give you an accurate mortality rate.

  25. Truth Lover September 30, 2020

    Remember the days when you could catch a regular cold or sneeze and they didn't send the National Guard after you and it didn't make Bill Gates drool over you with his final solution, uh, I mean 'vaccine'.

  26. Mehemmed Ismayilov September 30, 2020

    Quarantine is over in Azerbaijan. Thank u lord

  27. Jeff P September 30, 2020


  28. henrik sigurdsson September 30, 2020

    What will happen when you need to open the country again? no one can keep this going forever!

  29. Lukas Crigger September 30, 2020

    A more interesting video would be seeing anyone from Washington Post predicting the death toll at 80,000.

  30. Rico Houston September 30, 2020


  31. Hawk Who Knows All September 30, 2020

    TRUMP is SAMPLE of REAL AMERICANs …Who We OUTSIDERs dont see in TVs or MOVIEs.

  32. Debopriya Roy September 30, 2020

    He talks death stats so casually. 😕

  33. SuperStargazer666 September 30, 2020

    What a cretin. And what can we say about the people who voted him in?

  34. Gaming Together September 30, 2020

    where is the military?.. can we just nuke this country? we are worthless human being anyway… nuke us already… i am from Nashville..

  35. Truth Lover September 30, 2020

    This started out as a form of the common cold. A very credible medical site said it was not deadly (only catching)
    unless you were vulnerable and no need to see a doctor; just take care of yourself and stay home a few days.
    The symptoms were simple: Fever, sore throat, chills, cough, shortness of breath. Now, that same site has taken down its
    recommendations from before and added more and more "symptoms", including diarrhea and pink eye. Pretty soon, a hangnail
    will be a symptom and everyone will need the so-called 'vaccination'.
    Do we really know that all those photos ops are people dying of 'COVID'? The mass media has been instructed to hit this so heavily so as to create a panic and perceived crisis,
    so they can offer a 'solution'. Just as in the beginning, the stores were instructed to take things off the shelves, to make
    it look as if there were no supplies available, creating more fear and panic. Do we really believe that every store in every city and town
    across the U.S. had the exact same so-called hoarding problem? Practically all in the same day?

  36. wangbohai Wu September 30, 2020

    0:56 almost told the truth

  37. Ya'ara Adriana Vardi September 30, 2020

    Cancel trump Go Vegan

  38. pistolpeetlokk September 30, 2020

    Well what do you expect , he's human just like us , he's hoping for the best like any of us would , he's just as lost as we are and that okay

  39. Siva Kumar September 30, 2020

    Overrated USA is jst gud in destroying not saving ppl's life

  40. Ka Tong Ku September 30, 2020

    Ya good luck you dumb head. With US dead rate of 26% on conluded cases and 900k+ active cases, it will me like 200k something.

  41. D H September 30, 2020

    tRump and Pence total failures! The Orange Scumbag death toll is what it is, tRump has 2000 deaths hanging over that Fat Pumpkinhead of his, by calling it a Hoax! This Orange SleazyBag has to go, and all you Old Farts out there tRump will start cutting your SS, guaranteed!

  42. Di Horse September 30, 2020

    Bc he can only count up to 10. If pressed, may be 20 by adding the toes.

  43. Link September 30, 2020

    Before were lied into killing others, now they are lied into killing themselves.

  44. Stranger Danger September 30, 2020

    Trump 2021:The good thing is that around 1million people are still alive in America.

  45. Stranger Danger September 30, 2020

    Trump in December: The good thing is some people are still alive.

  46. Stone 501 September 30, 2020

    The president has the Trump virus. The symptoms are lies lies and many many more lies.

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