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Fitness gym workout Full Week Workout Plan for Muscle Gain | Day 01 – Chest & Triceps | Yatinder Singh, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

Following the proper exercise, sample and correct planning of exercise schedule are essential.

We’re supplying you with a full week exercise plan which incorporates workouts, units and repetitions and the right approach to carry out them. Anybody can observe it; newbie, intermediate or superior. The depth of the exercise must be thought-about as per everybody’s capability.

On this video, Day 01 has been defined the place we’re coaching Chest & Triceps.

Workout routines:

Train 01: Incline Bench Press
four Units
1st Set: 15 reps
2nd Set: 10 reps
third & 4th Set: 8-10 reps

Train 02: Flat Bench Dumbbell Hammer Press
three Units
1st Set: 10-12 reps
2nd & third Set: 6-Eight reps

Train 03: Incline Bench Dumbbell Fly
three Units
1st Set: 10-12 reps
2nd & third Set: 12-15 reps

Train 04: Flat Bench Press
2 Units (Superset)
1st Set: 12 reps
2nd Set: 12 reps

Train 05: Cross Bench Dumbbell Pullover (Superset)
2 Units
1st Set: 12 reps
2nd Set: 12 reps

Train 06: Tricep Rope Pushdown
four Units
1st Set: 15 reps
2nd Set: 10-12 reps
third & 4th Set: 8-10 reps

Train 07: Mendacity Tricep Extension
three Units
1st Set: 10-12 reps
2nd & third Set: 10-12 reps

Do watch the video full and do not forget to love the video and remark down your questions and queries.

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Fitness gym workout Full Week Workout Plan for Muscle Gain | Day 01 – Chest & Triceps | Yatinder Singh, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com


  1. Yatinder Singh June 7, 2020

    Hanji sabhi ko namaste ?
    Kaise ho aap sabhi ?

    Jaise aap Sabne request kiya tha for full week workout plan.
    Day 1 ka video is here bus ab thoda pyar dikhdo ?

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  2. Imran Imzo June 7, 2020

    Sir apka Video sabse alag hai. Good job

  3. Ibrar Anwar June 7, 2020

    Bhai aap ek baar hrithik roshan body physics ko bhi explains kijye bhai ki unki jaysi body structure Kasey banay please bhai hrithik roshan ka bhi body structure pe ek video banao please ??????????????????

  4. Pankaj Semalti June 7, 2020

    Yatinder – mayank kaise go
    Mayank- gaand fati Hui

  5. Anoop Pandey June 7, 2020

    Sir diet pe video bnao …..vegetarian low budget me plzzzz

  6. Mind War June 7, 2020

    Genius sir thank you very mach

  7. Abhishek Verma June 7, 2020

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  8. Ravindra Meena June 7, 2020

    किसी भी बोडी पार्ट कि कोई भी एक्सरसाईज के सभी सेट(रेस्ट लेकर) लगातार करना है या अलग-2 एक्सरसाईज को मिलकर एक सेट करना है

  9. Taukeer Khan June 7, 2020

    Sir Day 6 ki video nhi mil rahi

  10. Md Hassan Raza June 7, 2020

    sir pure week me forearms toh btaya he nhi ap ne????

  11. Md Sohail June 7, 2020

    Lower chest exercise is missing uh had performed only dumble cross pull over for lower chest….but the main thing which gives the shape to the chest iz lower chest uh are missing lower chest exercise can we get the video to hit over all chest exercise without missing any part

  12. Tushar Techno Vision June 7, 2020

    Daily workout is compulsory or not for ground level muscles gain for beginner

  13. shubham kumar June 7, 2020

    Sir ma har roj pehle din sirf.. itne he excercise karo

  14. RAJESH GOUD June 7, 2020

    Day 5or 6 kb ayega

  15. Jadav Baraiya June 7, 2020

    6 day

  16. Anjal Mandal June 7, 2020

    Sir ho ske to mujhe weekly routine dijiyega na.

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  20. Sonu Sharma June 7, 2020

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  21. khalid saifullah June 7, 2020

    Kya bicep and tricep both together workout please quick answer

  22. R. S. Shiv Shiv June 7, 2020

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  23. Jeet Gupta June 7, 2020

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  24. Chintu Rao June 7, 2020

    This is called egoless gyming??

  25. Tejas Owhal June 7, 2020

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    Is this english?

  33. Sachin Kumar June 7, 2020

    Sir morning m chest or
    Evening m triceps kr sakte h kya

  34. shyamal bhattacharjee June 7, 2020

    sir, i am big fan of you. i request,if possible, cutting work out plan. thank you.

  35. johal vikram June 7, 2020

    Sir u r the best aap bohut ache tarike
    Se samjate ho thank u sir?

  36. Sridhar Ramaswamy June 7, 2020

    Superji for motivating

  37. amit madkaikar June 7, 2020

    Can i gat your watesapp num sir

  38. PA. Chandan Madavi June 7, 2020

    Said fet workout battiye

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