Hair Dusty Lavender Hair Color, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

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Hair Dusty Lavender Hair Color, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

Hair Dusty Lavender Hair Coloration

Man Tang #Mydentity Hair Coloration is lastly right here my #Hairbesties. I created this Dusty Lavender hair colour I gave Megan. Megan needed a enjoyable colour however nonetheless wearable and trendy. Do you want wearable enjoyable colours? Remark under.

Get your Man Tang #Mydentity Dusty Lavender Colours on-line:
or or CosmoProf App

Now accessible in STORES at CosmoProf (US, Canada) and Armstrong McCall and thru your CosmoProf Gross sales Reps

Worldwide Launch very very very quickly!

1. #Big9 Crème Lightener combined 1:1 with Everlasting Developer 20V to brighten across the face

2. Demi-Everlasting 6DL (58 g) combined 1:2 with Demi-Everlasting Developer 6V + Twin Booster COLOR MAX Extremely Violet (5 grams) on the rootagé

3. Demi-Everlasting 6DL (58 g) & Demi-Everlasting 8DL (58 g) combined 1:2 with Demi-Everlasting Developer 6V + Twin Booster COLOR MAX Extremely Violet (5 g) on the mid-length

4. Demi-Everlasting 8DL (58 g) & Demi-Everlasting 10DL (58 g) combined 1:2 with Demi-Everlasting Developer 6V by the ends

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Snapchat: @guy_tang

Mannequin Meagan Elizabeth:


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Hair Dusty Lavender Hair Color, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com


  1. Lola mo September 24, 2020

    Guy, you are a hair miracle worker!

  2. Metal SongBird September 24, 2020

    How can I be a hair model for Gut’s tutorial videos? This is gorgeous.

  3. Arusa Arif September 24, 2020

    Hi tang I love ur color technics.good job.I love ash brown shades.you easily lifted the hair to another shades.but I love your work.

  4. PISCIS 12 September 24, 2020

    En español como sacar ese color

  5. Badar Touilli September 24, 2020


  6. Raul Magno September 24, 2020

    I really admire Guy Tang about his work so perfect no words can describe that but only his gestures I dont like call it in Filipino baklang bakla so gay obviously gay..

  7. Celeste Lencina September 24, 2020

    You are a master at this! Hair color is beautiful. Could you upload the a video with someone who had red burgundy instead of blonde ?

  8. Dunja September 24, 2020

    Will this work on grey roots?

  9. Farhana Reza September 24, 2020

    Please color my hair free of charge. I really like that color.

  10. Nono September 24, 2020

    A dream

  11. Tam Tran September 24, 2020

    My jaw literally dropped, this is unreal! 😍

  12. Christine S September 24, 2020

    I badly want this hair color!

  13. Stars Across September 24, 2020

    I cant describe the color
    Me too…

  14. every thing September 24, 2020

    This is the most beautiful job I've ever seen omg ! My bff is finally satisfied with his hair length and is obsessed with this color , I wish we could DIY this on us by just following the tutorial but we're scared ah (no actuall professional colorist where we live)

  15. Off-centre adventures with Tash September 24, 2020

    😍 I did not expect that!!!

  16. Nancy Funez September 24, 2020

    Se parece a selena Gomez

  17. saharstar September 24, 2020

    Hi Guy, does your Demi line cover greys as well?

  18. Stephanie Dominguez September 24, 2020

    Can I have the hair color that you use. I very like it

  19. Farah Mumtaz September 24, 2020

    Love the color i wish to have its pdf or kinda written version..love the color and color sense of guy tang 😍

  20. tei cc September 24, 2020

    You look soooooo HANDSOME in this video… So goooodddd

  21. Aylexx G September 24, 2020

    i really needed this video. i love that you used that medium level 6 for a base to help boost the dustiness. the color looks incredible! Im very close to level 6 so this leaves me hopeful for lilac hair~

  22. Areeba Bhatti September 24, 2020

    color name??

  23. Yvonne Yoon September 24, 2020

    That color is so beautiful!!

  24. miss china September 24, 2020

    Love it

  25. Zsofia Thompson September 24, 2020

    Beautiful great job 👏

  26. Nayelli Lopez September 24, 2020

    Hermoso…… necesito ese gran trabajo de colores en mi cabello

  27. Cao Canh September 24, 2020


  28. nadia September 24, 2020

    Tried to get this color but it doesn't work without damaging my hair. It slides off my hair type, but on others it looks fantastic! Ended up getting something lilac to stick better. Love this color, still, though!!! 😍

  29. deana nightingale September 24, 2020

    Love, love, love it!!!

  30. bernisemg September 24, 2020

    I love the color. I have dark brown hair. Any recommendations to hide gray hairs. Color I am looking ash silver, ash blonde, ash lilac or lavender. What color needs less maintenance?

  31. Suga Blue September 24, 2020

    Beautiful color… I want it?? Can I do this by myself?

  32. cosima kazak September 24, 2020

    Wish hair could scream loud. So much chemicals 😲

  33. hillary hrms September 24, 2020

    Any advice for damaged hair and unhealthy dry hair
    Guys like my comment can answer me thx 😞

  34. Nata Shvets September 24, 2020

    Просто чудесное окрашивание

  35. N a k i September 24, 2020

    i fucking want that color xdxd

  36. Aquita Surya September 24, 2020

    Oh my God, I'm in Love with this… The color 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. me and me September 24, 2020


  38. blanca Lerma September 24, 2020

    How can I order ur color products to do my own hair

  39. blanca Lerma September 24, 2020

    U do an awesome job

  40. Beatriz Anita September 24, 2020

    Throwback to when his videos were like 2 hours long

  41. Yang Sufiah September 24, 2020

    can i mix gold with violet colour?

  42. Heidi Gorman September 24, 2020

    beautiful !!!

  43. cake & chill September 24, 2020

    binge watching his videos (not over yet) and all the hair result are shining shimmering splendid 🎶 .. are you a hair god.

  44. モエニャーmoe moe September 24, 2020

    genius in hair dressing world

  45. Princess Candy September 24, 2020

    Always bleaching before color, umm……so tired…its boring.

  46. Joel Fernandez September 24, 2020

    i wish i could die mine like this

  47. Shelby Watkins September 24, 2020

    She has such beautiful hair

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