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Hair Hair loss Q&A with a dermatologist: hair care tips ??, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

In right this moment’s video I reply your questions on hair shedding, thinning hair, brittle hair, and hair care suggestions! Keep tuned for subsequent Friday’s Q&A the place I’ll deal with your questions on postpartum hair loss.

Disclaimer: This video just isn’t supposed to supply analysis, therapy or medical recommendation. Content material offered on this Youtube channel is for informational functions solely. Please seek the advice of with a doctor or different healthcare skilled concerning any medical or well being associated analysis or therapy choices. Data on this Youtube channel shouldn’t be thought of as an alternative to recommendation from a healthcare skilled. The statements made about particular merchandise all through this video are to not diagnose, deal with, treatment or forestall illness.

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Hair Hair loss Q&A with a dermatologist: hair care tips ??, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com


  1. danah June 7, 2020

    I'm 15 I'm thinking of taking biosil, is it okay?

  2. Salma Khan June 7, 2020

    If one doesn’t dry hair with hair dryer
    How will you dry it

  3. Saeide Kaivani June 7, 2020

    Thank you Dr. Dray for your helpful video. What do you think about DHT blocker shampoos such as Propidern shampoo and PURA D'OR anti-thinning shampoo?

  4. Name NL June 7, 2020

    2:58 ?? she laughs like she is mocking us hahah

  5. fadwa echaabi June 7, 2020

    onion juice is the best for hair

  6. Michelle Mora June 7, 2020

    Lol the little smile after every phrase 🙂 so cute, we love you Dr. Dray! ☺️

  7. Destiny Whigham June 7, 2020

    I heard that biotin only works if you have a deficiency in it already. Eggs, spinach, and cheese are biotin powerhouses if you don’t trust vitamins (I think mushrooms have biotin as well). I was wondering why I never saw results from biotin supplements, then I realized I wasn’t lacking in it, so it wasn’t yielding. Also, vitamin A is the one responsible for hair n nail growth, biotin just helps you absorb vitamins

  8. jade anthem June 7, 2020

    Thank you so much for this video! It has been been the most helpful video I have seen on youtube and I feel like I finally have some what of a clue as to why I am struggling right now with hair loss. You have given me a sense of hope xx

  9. Tina T June 7, 2020

    Hair loss is devastating for women in particular. I’m 52 and really found something that worked for me – Viviscale. I’ve been on it for 2 months and really notice a difference. It’s worth trying.

  10. Ella Tucker June 7, 2020

    It's really sweet that you smile after every sentence!

  11. Love Peace June 7, 2020

    You need to stop being a vegan :/

  12. reema munshi June 7, 2020

    Recommended dose of biotin?

  13. Afrah Rasheed June 7, 2020

    I started taking a mood stabilizer about 5-6 months back and about last month I noticed that there is less hair at the crown of my head. If there are any of you out there taking anti-depressants and mood stabilizers and are experiencing hair loss, I'm right there with you!

  14. nikyy June 7, 2020

    I’m sorry but she looks very

  15. Tala Bedwan June 7, 2020

    why not mention the biotin supplement you take in your video? probably because no one will pay you for it.

  16. Damaris T.Gutierrez June 7, 2020

    Can you please do a video on collagen ? love your videos

  17. Diva ' June 7, 2020

    Air drying is bad. It causes the hair shaft to swell up w water and lead to breakage of the cuticles. Best way to dry hair is with COOL air.

  18. Camelia Stoicea June 7, 2020

    Dr Dray, I really like your videos. I find them really educational, so thank you for that. I was wondering if you could give us some tips on colouring our hair, what products are safe and the ingredients to avoid. Thank you soooo much!!!

  19. Kindy Holl June 7, 2020

    I've used Arganlife professional hair care product and it works pretty well. I bought three bottles of shampoo from online at Arganlife products. I've also tried Rogaine. To be honest , it was really awful because of it’s content. Fortunatelly, Arganlife helps my lost hair grow back.

  20. Surmaee Kelkar June 7, 2020

    Hello doctor dray… I am from India… I am having tremendous hair loss. … can I start taking multivitamin pills and biotin

  21. Divya Sasidharan June 7, 2020

    Every statement ends in such horrible terms but dr ending it with a smile creeping me out !!!
    Good info though, thanks for that

  22. Abel Nodarse June 7, 2020

    Hello Dr. Dray what about hair conditioner after shampoo , it’s good or bad , thanks for your videos amazing .

  23. divya Yadav June 7, 2020

    Hair i fact kit is safe for women who have problem of pcos and testorone 25 ul??

  24. Fitri June 7, 2020

    1:02 difference between normal vs. actual hair loss
    1:40 telogen effluvium : caused by stressful life / crash dieting / exercise / etc
    2:56 when can you expect the shedding to stop
    4:13 entigen effluvium
    6:35 tips for hair loss ( avoid blow dryers/ flat iron , DO air dry or dry hair with old tshirts , never comb wet hair , cut frizzy hair shaft , low setting flat iron , NO tight buns / ponytails / hair extensions , YES to biotin supplement / she used biotin supplements for 3 months and saw improvement on thickness of hair )
    She also said few times in the video to consult to your healthcare provider for best results/treatment.

  25. Lauren Romero June 7, 2020

    Do i go see a Dermatogist for 1 strand follicals?

    I have healthy vitamin levels.

  26. MargaritaILP June 7, 2020

    Hey dr. Dray, I always wondered if heat protection sprays work or is it just marketing? Sorry if the question was addressed before but I couldn't find

  27. illy June 7, 2020

    Love your videos ??
    What would you recommend is a good clarifying shampoo for hair that smells like mildew? I cant seem to get this smell out of my hair 🙁

  28. sarah left-wing empath free thinker provocateur June 7, 2020

    Can you do a video about hirsutism vs normal facial hair…..my facial hair is certainly a male pattern growth and is coarse.

  29. Mary Sadnick June 7, 2020

    HELP—— I did a cold turkey withdrawal off Cymbalta and loss at least a third of my hair. It started with severe scalp itch and then hair just fell out. Will it grow back????? Anyone Please!!!!!!! HELP

  30. Sara Babaei June 7, 2020

    Its weird, I definitely have hair loss, I mean its so obvious u can literally see my scalp but I never see my hair falling out and believe me, I checked a lot

  31. ethereal intoxicated canary June 7, 2020

    How can I make the hair on my temples stronger and thicker? Also what’s the best thing for drier hair

  32. C W June 7, 2020

    I have LPP but do not want the steriods derms offer. Anything natural??

  33. M W June 7, 2020

    Your smiling at the end of every sentence is disconcerting

  34. Lisa Gardner June 7, 2020

    Is pine tar safe for scalp and hair ? I have had hair loss and dandruff Ans wanna try something not to harsh ! Please help

  35. Mo-hammad Abunaser June 7, 2020

    Have you heard that scalp massage may reduce androgenic hair loss in men?

  36. Rafi I June 7, 2020

    Dr. Dray, I’ve recently found your channel and have been watching a lot of your videos. I’m a medical student and just finished my second year and am preparing for Step-1. Anyways, I just started Accutane about 2 months ago due to extreme cystic acne and the treatment has been going well. But I have excessively dry scalp and have been losing a LOT of hair. Is there anything you can recommend to help me out here. I’m getting really concerned with my hair loss. Please and thank you.

  37. jessica rogers June 7, 2020

    Good morning dr dray!!
    Would it be crazy to use cerave face wash as a shampoo?
    Reasons for asking, I'm in Australia and cannot for the life of me fine a shampoo with no b.s. in it:( apart from one company but it's not catered for hard water
    I have hard water so disodium edta is my life saver
    I'm sensitive to bloody everything:( fragrance, strong cleansers, oils etc etc thanks to you I have found this out 🙂
    Cerave foam wash formulation just seems perfect! I would use free and clear if it was avaible…thoughts?

  38. Don't be mad June 7, 2020

    Hi! You mentioned in another video Rogain/ Minoxidil 5% is more effective than 2%. Is it safe for a woman to take 5% (men's version) Rogain/minoxidil?

  39. Cynthia June 7, 2020

    My event was from a detox gone bad. Given 18 supplements a day and my hair started shedding. Scary as hell. It’s been 4 months, when my scalp itches, I notice hair loss there. I am seeing a professional dermatologist so I will ask what type of loss this is.

  40. Mar Z June 7, 2020

    Thank you! This was helpful to me. I have thick hair but very few of it. It's a strange combination that most people don't understand because hair loss to them means thinning hair. But i think chronic stress and me tugging at my hair is the culprit.
    Also, I like that you mentioned that vitamins are not regulated. There is a site called consumer lab and they do independent testing of vitamins to see if the products contain the exact amount and quality of ingredients that the vitamin companies claim. You have to pay for a report but it was worth it to me because it helped me steer clear of certain brands that had higher/lower doses than they wrote on the bottles.

  41. Lei Lei June 7, 2020

    I went to a dermatologist a couple months ago and she told me my extreme hair fall was due to telogen effluvium, and she said they would grow back eventually, but it’s been 5 years now… and I haven’t seen any regrowth, just more hair loss towards the front of my scalp and even more thinning ?

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