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Hair My Top Hair Care Tips, Products And Tricks! "And Sometimes Hair"  ✖  James Welsh, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

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Okay so i am, testing the waters and at last speaking about hair! It has been some time however i am continually requested to stay as much as my intro and really discuss hair care!
As we speak I discuss my favorite shampoo’s, hair masks and even one of the best practises with regards to washing, conditioning and caring in your hair!

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Keep in mind that skincare is extraordinarily private to all people’s pores and skin. What works for me, might not give you the results you want. However I hope my movies offer you some good concepts for merchandise, methods and Components to strive.
Additionally, i am clearly not a dermatologist or a health care provider, so all opinions on merchandise and anything i am presenting, is outcomes and findings from my very own expertise and analysis.
And that is why i am right here, to share my analysis and my findings that go additional than what is alleged on the bottle or google!
However, the whole lot I current is at all times a dialogue so that you can take part with 🙂
When you have any severe pores and skin considerations, please see a dermatologist / physician.
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I might also use affiliate hyperlinks in my description field, linking to merchandise that characteristic in my movies. Please know that merchandise featured in my movies are by no means chosen with ‘promoting’ or making revenue in thoughts. I make a small fee from any purchases made by my affiliate hyperlinks 🙂

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Hair My Top Hair Care Tips, Products And Tricks! "And Sometimes Hair"  ✖  James Welsh, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com


  1. Kinga Laczynska Youssef June 7, 2020

    I need more about hair please! Still looking for something that would help with dry and frizzy hair. I live in Texas, humidity here is a killer for my hair. Need some serious advice ??

  2. autumn ixmay June 7, 2020

    I did notice that when I put in conditioner/ treatment on wet hair it just slips off. I don't towel dry but definitely try to squeeze(?) out as much water as I can

  3. crazy not mad June 7, 2020

    You said the same things as Brad mondo.

  4. Claire Hill June 7, 2020

    Yay! Could you also review the Head and shoulders supreme line??

  5. nasakisses June 7, 2020

    hey, what do you think of OGX shampoos

  6. Radhika Singh June 7, 2020

    Hey James ! What's your opinion on hair oils?

    Like are hair oil really efficient and contributes in overall health of hair?
    My scalp is normal, neither dry nor oily. Do l need to use it?
    For e.g. a weekly massage with coconut oil or almond oil is good?

  7. katerina leka June 7, 2020

    Head & shoulders was recommended to me as a treatment shampoo by a dermatologist, along with a betamethasone-salicylic acid lotion…this is the ONLY treatment that has EVER worked for me for my SEVERE seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp. Not saying that it is gonna work for someone else and that is my point: Certain "mainstream" products/ingredients are being demonized by consumers either because of something they heard or because the product/ingredient didn't suit them.
    p.s.: Dear James, we need more "and sometimes hair"-days <3

  8. Arie cancer June 7, 2020

    Was head&shoulders were ever bad????

  9. sanga khan June 7, 2020

    Like for "and sometimes hair"..was waiting for??

  10. K R June 7, 2020

    You are adorable and you wear your hair well cuz I can't tell you cut it yourself in quarantine. I bit the bullet and cut mine too and although it took me over 3 days and it isn't perfect, I am beyond happy with how the layers lay and how well it turned out. I purposely didn't go too short so I could get damage control when the salons open. However, based on the behavior of the COVID Karens protesting with assault rifles cuz they want to get their hair done, I have decided that for safetys sake, I will give myself the next cut as well. When it is safe and I finally go back to the salon, I plan to give a triple tip for the cleanup.

    Anyone else doing their own hair in quarantine?

  11. K R June 7, 2020

    Love this, bit confused about applying conditioner to towel dry hair? Curly girl method recommended I apply it to wetter hair. I have very baby fine hair that will tangle if you even look at it wrong. I like to use a special wide tooth in-shower detangling comb to insure my hair is manageable when I get out. I have found (surprisingly) that the comb glides thru so much better when I apply my conditioner to wet hair than when I squeeze out the water first. I am confused?? ?⁉️?

    Also, would be very interested in the sulfate vs. sulfate free shampoo debate. I feel likey scalp doesn't get clean enough and I get buildup/breakouts when I went sulfate free. Also, silicone vs. silicone free conditioners??

    Love your videos and trust your opinions and expertise on ingredients. Would love more info on ingredients.

  12. Mackenzie Scott June 7, 2020

    I love head & shoulders! Been using it for years and I find it to be just as good or better than high end shampoos.

  13. chic yibo June 7, 2020


  14. Cynthia Valdez June 7, 2020


  15. Doctor Anne June 7, 2020

    I have a ton of hair masks and NEVER use them because I keep forgetting…

  16. sonia castaneda June 7, 2020

    I just found 2in1 head and shoulders with tea tree oil. It made my hair so flowy.

  17. Alan Sosa June 7, 2020

    H&S made my hair so so oily and almost got me bald, Dont even ever try it

  18. Taylor Bold June 7, 2020

    What a precious way to say dandruff!!

  19. Big J June 7, 2020

    I used to be soooo into my haircare when i was younger that I already knew the "basics" you said lol. Not a lot of my friends knew about shampoo being strictly scalp and roots/ condition the rest… or at the fact that your hair had to be at least wrigned out before you apply conditioner on. What I used to do was double shampoo and condition once… i don't wash my hair everyday. It does get a bit oily, but mainly I get a lot of dandruff! I have recently switched back to using head and shoulders and it's amazing lmao. my dandruff was literally gone after the first use hahaha. anyway, my point is DO MORE HAIRCARE 🙂 It'd be cool if maybe like once a month you post something haircare related. i would like to learn new tricks and tips for my hair, since I don't put heat on it.<33

  20. Rajul Dhila June 7, 2020

    I have extremely greasy hair and I wash my hair every other day no matter the season. I came across a "hair hack" that said adding salt to shampoo will reduce oily scalp. Does it work? And is there anything else I should do so that my hair does not look greasy by the next day?

  21. Kimmy's Shrine June 7, 2020

    I loved this video ??
    It was so useful.

  22. Taylor R.S June 7, 2020

    My oldest son and I both have super sensitive scalps so a dandruff shampoo is the only thing we can use. I am totally taking these tips.

  23. Ezryn Mohamad June 7, 2020

    when James says lather like 'lahh-ther' my ears go ???

  24. Danielle B June 7, 2020

    This was so Robert stops picking on you, isn't it?

  25. Maja Gl. June 7, 2020

    Love it! Now – More body products ?

  26. zi June 7, 2020

    LMAO finally some hair tips

  27. Kendra Lynn Howard June 7, 2020

    I think you are an excellent skin care enthusiast. Perhaps you should stick with that. I’m am African American. None of these tips were remotely useful for me.

  28. tiffany hudzenko June 7, 2020

    I love this

  29. Diane Magnolia June 7, 2020

    Dammit I see this AFTER hair washing day??? Won’t get to try for another week lmao

  30. Izzy Foxy June 7, 2020

    Love how you link haircare with skincare in the context! Keep doing you mate!

  31. SWOON GIRL June 7, 2020

    Yippee. Excited for this one because this is the year my hair is going to be the best it's ever been. (I dis just bleach my ends, so it is very dry, but now I am buying that treatment you mentioned because I'm always in the market for hair treatments.)

  32. android 95203 June 7, 2020

    I’m a guy with very thin long hair. Not balding but fine thin hair. I’m very careful when shampooing because I can get a lot of fallouts

  33. Desta Jong June 7, 2020

    Hairdresser: Did you use head and shoulders?

    Thank you, now i don’t feel guilty anymore ?❤️

  34. Glen Coco June 7, 2020

    I have very dry hair, Ive been using sulphate free shampoos for a while and my hair loves it. I used a brand called Shea Moisture which is sulphate free, and cruelty free (it is very important for me that its cruelty free) and it leaves my dry and coarse hair considerably softer.
    I also really like a bran called Maui Moisture. But i dont know if these are easy to find in the UK (I live in Canada)…. I went to my sister's house and used head and shoulders there, and it made my scalp really irritated, itchy and red, i developed severe and made my roots so greasy the next day and even my forehead was a little red and itchy, i think its way too harsh for my dry and sensitive skin

  35. Laura Camargo June 7, 2020

    I wonder what to do that’s really effective , to bring back the glow to your hair ???

  36. Kane Clarke June 7, 2020

    What ethnic background are you?

  37. MädchenAusDemMeer June 7, 2020

    James must be really bored to do a hair video lol

  38. Margaret Merrick June 7, 2020

    Okay, I’m still stumped over apply shampoo to DRY hair! The directions on shampoo ? instruct to apply to wet or damp hair. More, more, more! Please.

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