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Hair The Hair Color That Will Best Suit Your Skin Tone, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

Hello Lovely! Here’s a information to choosing the right hair colour for your self.

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Video Enhancing By: Kris Edrosa

Do not Overlook To Dwell Your Further Life.

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Hair The Hair Color That Will Best Suit Your Skin Tone, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com


  1. Brad Mondo June 7, 2020

    What hair color will best suit your skin??

  2. Hannah June 7, 2020

    Brad Mondo: If you have cool skin your hair should be a cool colour
    Me (a natural ginger): o_o

  3. yashal's corner June 7, 2020

    I am warm?

  4. Emalee Stringer June 7, 2020

    i have purple and green veins…

  5. Hellotherehaveaniceday Hi June 7, 2020

    I would do my regular black hair with a cool blonde ombré. Lol

  6. Kayla . For . Days June 7, 2020

    Jeffery star for hair lol

  7. ADDISON HARRIS June 7, 2020

    Wait rewatching this- Katy Perry = cool tone but Katy Perry also apparently has sun kissed skin that will melt your popsicle… confusion I am

  8. Heather Peaslee June 7, 2020

    I am LIVING : Neutral!! with cool tones… BUT NEUTRAL! lol Love ya, Brad! 🙂

  9. Corrina Suri June 7, 2020


  10. Ayesha Pervaz June 7, 2020

    My veins are neutral..both silver and gold looks good on me , I get tanned + red in sun , I Have deep brown eye color?? So what i am noww???

  11. SexyMakeupQueen June 7, 2020

    Can you please tell me what hair tone looks best with people who have vitiligo? Please make a video! Helpppp

  12. Sara Meow June 7, 2020

    I have blue/purple veins but my face seems more yellow next to a white paper. I don't tan easily but also don't burn…

  13. Sarah El-Husseini June 7, 2020

    Omfg Brad please help me find a dye that I can put on my dark brown hair that DOES NOT require me to bleach my hair! PS love your channel, bye x

  14. Shanum Suzan June 7, 2020

    When you stop at 24 sec

  15. Briana Ramirez June 7, 2020

    Tempted to bleach my own hair these videos aren’t helping ? I guess here goes nothing

  16. Ashley Tong June 7, 2020

    brad's "you look magnificent" is very much needed in my life, even my parents don't say that thank you

  17. Clo Clo June 7, 2020

    Brad…. I have Geen, blue, and purple veins..

  18. Sophie Cook June 7, 2020

    Im thinking about dieing my hair toxic green that glows under black light so unsure about it tho

  19. Maria El hachem June 7, 2020

    I am neutral cool ??

  20. Ya Boy Lits June 7, 2020
  21. Yeet Owu June 7, 2020

    Neutral cool here lol ?

  22. Meleni Ariyanayagam June 7, 2020

    I'm Briwn skinned, and I feel that every colour doesnt suit me, but I reallyyyyyyyy want to dye my hair so THX

  23. Jane Madayag June 7, 2020

    how did I manage to PERFECT the game but CANNOT decide whether I’m cool, warm, or neutral :/

  24. BECKS REBEKAH June 7, 2020

    I’m like 90% sure I’m cool toned and yet golden blonde hair suits me more than dark hair!!

  25. Thoughtsify First June 7, 2020

    Best way of teaching or making clear

  26. Frankie May June 7, 2020

    This makes me sad bc I have cool skin but I have like light red hair hahahhahahahha.

  27. Abigail Games June 7, 2020

    I don’t get sun burnt

  28. Mariah Moser June 7, 2020

    I'm confused on my skin color because it's cold and warm

  29. Kiane Maces June 7, 2020

    i feel so educated :,). i got all but one right in the game show ?

  30. Carmelita Gonzalez June 7, 2020

    I think im warm but I was planning on dying my hair that exact color at 15:56 ?

  31. Hope Andrews June 7, 2020

    where does olive skin fall??

  32. Itz_Cookies June 7, 2020

    “That would be cool if you had two different colored veins.”

    Me looking at my wrist: Why do I see purple and green?

  33. Cascade La Beth June 7, 2020

    For the veins what if I'm cold.

  34. Kelsey Michele June 7, 2020

    me: every answer was cool toned but I have hazel eyes….. I think I’m neutral-cool

  35. Sofia Zavala June 7, 2020

    “Usually our veins are not a combination”
    Me: confused because I have green and blue veins

  36. Diya Omkar June 7, 2020

    he would be a great teacher fr

  37. سلمي Etagdi June 7, 2020

    Brad :do you tan easily

    Me laughs in African

  38. Melissa Faye June 7, 2020

    I'm warm AF! ? Brad makes me feel so good about myself lol my salon isn't opening up for a while, and the only other store near me is in a Mall. ? so, about to make some deep decisions.

  39. Scarlet MacPhee June 7, 2020

    I won all the test/game thing

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