Lose weight Intense Abs Workout | Lose Belly Fat Fast | Cardio Abs Workout Routine, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

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Lose weight Intense Abs Workout | Lose Belly Fat Fast | Cardio Abs Workout Routine, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com

Intense Abs Exercise to Lose Stomach Fats | Intense Cardio Abs Exercise | HIIT Cardio and ABS exercise | Burn Stomach Fats | Lose Weight Exercise | Fats Blasting Exercise |

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Hey guys! Lastly one other exercise to burn stomach fats! It is a cardio abs exercise with 50% full physique workout routines and 50% abs workout routines. The total physique workout routines require you to make use of your core as nicely which is nice. Additionally doing full physique exercise helps you burn a lot extra, and your physique will nonetheless burn when you’re at relaxation. That is the rationale why i’ve mixed the workout routines. I’ve defined that someplace within the video. Mainly full physique exercise like squats, lunges, and so on require you to make use of your leg muscle tissue, and leg muscle tissue are the most important muscle teams in our physique so working these muscle tissue will can help you burn extra energy, even if you end up at relaxation your physique will nonetheless be burning.

Additionally I used to be going so as to add transferring plank as a substitute of plank twist however i used to be so awkward doing it so i modified it up. Be happy to vary to your favorite plank train. You may as well at all times intensify any of those workout routines however doing it sooner, or do a much bigger motion. It was my first time doing it within the video and it was positively fairly intense for me. I felt so good after doing a number of classes and the abs will present! Please do it extra persistently if in case you have plenty of stomach fats. Give your self a month or so. However if in case you have minimal fat, it will not take you lengthy. You’ll be able to alternate between this train and my different intense abs exercise. I will suggest to do 2 or 3 instances per week relying on how sore you’re too. Muscle groups positively have to relaxation and recuperate so give your self a day in between your abs exercise!

Please do strive it out and let me know the way it goes. This actually works for me so I hope it really works for you! Please tag your abs/glutes progress #chlofitness on insta! I might like to see your progress

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Thanks so a lot for watching my movies. I actually admire your help! xoxo

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Lose weight Intense Abs Workout | Lose Belly Fat Fast | Cardio Abs Workout Routine, Gym exercise ab workouts - shap2.com


  1. Bikini Fit September 25, 2020

    Thanks for the workout today 🙂

  2. Kesh Velasco September 25, 2020

    This is the 3rd video that i downloaded .
    So let's start thissssssss .

  3. Hema Thapa September 25, 2020

    You are the best 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  4. Olivia's Catastrophe September 25, 2020

    I love that it not only was abs focus but also had some cardio in there as well. I really liked this workout!

  5. angela marie cajala September 25, 2020

    One of the short but intense workout this year!! Goodjob and thank you chloe ting 🤗💕💕💕 I made it!!

  6. Haylee Wilson September 25, 2020

    hey imma start today wish me luck and i weight 106:( and im 12 so

  7. milkie September 25, 2020

    I LOVE this

  8. أستغفر الله September 25, 2020

    I'm sweating a lot ..i look like i've been taking a shower

  9. donteatmyeggospls September 25, 2020

    This looks nothing like chloe 😳😳

  10. Heath Stanley September 25, 2020

    I read a lot of good reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google) can help you lost tons of weight. Has any one tried this popular fat loss system?

  11. Ranmeet Mahal September 25, 2020

    Hiii chloe ….how many days challenge is this??

  12. ultimate moms Ashley September 25, 2020

    The best hiitburn

  13. Danika Bree September 25, 2020

    I’m gonna log my…journey of this workout I guess lol…

    Day 1: so I watched it before I did it and it seemed easy….but then I actually did it and I felt like I was dying on the floor😂can’t believe I was this out of shape but I’m proud of my self
    Day 2:

  14. Mia Fusca September 25, 2020

    I am going to do this every day for two weeks and we will see if there are any results. I will update 1 week in and at the end of it.

  15. Shit Xerox September 25, 2020

    Its my first day and iam only able to do it till 8:08 ,no more hope !

  16. Niyati Singhal September 25, 2020

    Anyone who tried this plz tell does this really work plzzzzzz tell 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 plz

  17. Lobeno Tungoe September 25, 2020

    This workout really works for me. .. I've been doing this for three days ..and I can already see some results in my belly. .. it's hard but never giving up keeps me going so try hard and enjoy the abs. Lots of love from Nagaland 💕

  18. 우르위urvi September 25, 2020

    START : 18th August 2020
    Day 1 : 35 inches ( only did 60% of the workout)
    Day 2 : 34.5
    Day 3 :(got my periods)(couldn't even move)
    Day 4:

  19. AngeLoveR Anime September 25, 2020

    im looking at her exercises and crying internally because of how imma struggle, especially for my first day

    day 1: AAAAAAAAH! WAS HARD, couldn't even finish the entire timer consistently and have to stop at certain intervals to breathe! PLANK HOPS? OH HELL NAW- its strange but water and I became even closer today 😫 hope tomorrow is better than today, oh and sorry cloe, there's a few exercise in here that i JUST CANT do, i have to replace them for something else <3

    day 2: wah! i made it through.. and i think today was actually better than yesterday 😯😉 a tip for beginners, have an open space where breeze flows repeatedly or have a fan near you, because you'll be battering for air like crazy, and welp no need to bathe because my sweat did the job lol (jk), off to tomorrow <— 🚶🏾‍♀️ hope its better than today 😊

    day 3: Sorry for this day my internet connection chipped so i couldn't give my honest comment now because i forgot everything i wanted to say, but one thing for sure i sweat a pool! 🥵

    day 4: Got through the workout, feeling energized after i finished lol and im stink as hell from sweat 😫 hope tomorrow is better than today!

    day 5: wow, was a bit hard.. maybe because i dont feel i get enough sleep. Still burst a lot of sweat tho.. so here's the deal guys, im switching up my exercise routine, every 1 week i go to a new video and try out her exercise. In the first week i spend it on her 15 Mins Full Body FAT BURN Workout | No Jumping | Beginner Friendly
    , second week on her 10 minutes morning routine to burn belly fat | no jumping. And this third week on this video, so im repeating the cycle again now back on the 15 Mins Full Body FAT BURN Workout | No Jumping | Beginner Friendly, that is until i feel to add more videos to the mix, so if you wanna find me continuing my workout journey, im over there, and i'll still notify each video i'll go on when the week's past, so yea.

    day 6: (rest day)

    day 7: (rest day)

    day 8: Skipped monday cuz i forgot loll

    day 9: Was exercising but stopped shortly and decided to skip because I was having acid reflux.

    day 10: Did it but i wasn't at my expected best, it was a bit hard..

    day 11: Done. I just sweat a lot as usual 😉 and I think I did better than yesterday

    day 12: Done, sweat alot as usual and im proud to say im seeing differences. My little sis wanted to join me and boy was she in for hell X'D but im proud she made it through with me as well, although she tapped out here and there during the timer lol

  20. Janhvi Sopte September 25, 2020

    No one:
    Me while doing the workout: 1000-7

  21. Ocampo Rodrigues September 25, 2020

    I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But I'm uncertain if it's good. Have you ever try this popular weight loss diet plan?

  22. Mina Mellah September 25, 2020

    Thank's a lot I did all the exercises wooow

  23. LOW QIAN RU Moe September 25, 2020

    omg sweating af 🥵

  24. Ayomide Adesina September 25, 2020

    No one:
    *Me lying on my bed watching the video

  25. Mukhammadjonov Ayubkhon September 25, 2020

    I was completely destroyed by cross body climbers

  26. Jesus September 25, 2020

    I remember doing this like 3 years ago, now she's on 13 million subs

  27. FaithPlayz _503 September 25, 2020

    I just did it but my abs don’t hurt or a don’t feel any pain in my abs. Am I doing it wrong?

  28. Nevaeh vang September 25, 2020

    Anyone here trying to get a glowup during quarantine

  29. 『вlαηк』 Face September 25, 2020

    I am very self-conscious about my body, and I saw many people showing great results to Chloe Ting's workouts, so I finally motivated myself to do them. Also, I'm 5 7" and like around 60 kg.

    Started: 04/08/2020

    | Day 1 | – I was sweating a lot, and my fingers are shaking as I'm writing this. I did feel my stomach tightening a little, but I don't think there is much of a difference as it's only the first day. It was definitely really hard for me. The comments did motivate me to keep going.

    | Day 2 | – It was a little less harder to do it, and I still sweated alot. I kind of felt like giving up but I forced myself to carry on.

  30. Lana Ivanusic September 25, 2020

    I will Update u when im done:)

  31. thunderstorm September 25, 2020

    SUCH a good routine.

  32. Anil singh Kashyap September 25, 2020

    Its a abs workout or loss belly fat???

  33. Eman Angel September 25, 2020

    Y'alls tired from doing just this?
    I'm doing this and at the same time the 2 week ab challenge.. JUST IMAGINE HOW IM FEELING

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